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Work Shops @ Sun Twist Acres

I may some day put some of these on live here at the farm, however for now they are in video form. When you sign up for a work shop you will receive access to my detailed videos showing you the process. You will also receive the recipes and a list of what you will need to start. In addition you will receive one on one consultations if needed to help if your struggling.   

Natural Body Care Products

Video #1: Deodorant, ChapStick, solid lotion bar 

Video #2: Face oils, massage oil, infused oils

Video #3: Body butter, body scrub, lotion

Video #4: Bath Bombs, milk bath, face masks

Cost for workshop $25.00

Send an email by hitting the 'sign up here' button and put 'Natural Body Care Products' in the subject box.

Introduce your self and

All the workshop details will be sent to you 

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